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Congratulations to Global Talent Group on Asian Games Organizing Committee

2018-10-22 | 阅读:54

The 18th Asian Games was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 18 August 2018 to 22 September 2018, China topped the medal table with 132 gold, 92 silver and 65 bronze medals, totalling 289 medals.


But behind the Asian Games, hundreds of thousands of staff and businesses have worked hard to dedicate their own sweats, We are grateful to the sportsmen and women of all countries for their efforts in honouring their respective countries.


Global Talent Group is a business that provides international resources and employment opportunities for Talent, In 2018, Jakarta Asian Games was recognized by the OCOG and awarded the Commendation Certificate. WWW.8888VISA.COM is honored to be recognized by the Asian Games Organizing Committee as a company under its brand.


What contribution has Global Talent Group made to the Asian Games? WWW.8888VISA.COM has provided information on athletes from various countries to the organizing committee of the Asian Games through the understanding of responsible colleagues, Collect talents information for use and match-making, provide visa consultation service to some athletes, and guarantee the smooth progress of the Asian Games project. The Global Talent Group has fulfilled its social responsibility by getting more people and athletes to identify with our spirit and philosophy.


The certificate is shown in the figure below. The contents of the certificate are:

To Global Talent Group, we sincerely thank you for your efforts, expertise and contributions to the Asian Games, which have had a great success and far-reaching impact.


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