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Foreigners coming to China, regardless of the purpose of the visit, need to apply for a relevant visa, Such as D visa (permanent resident visa), L visa (tourist visa), M visa (business visa), Z visa (work visa), Q visa (reunion visa), S visa (family visit visa), etc. WWW.8888VISA.COM isa company that specializes in providing Visa solutions to foreigners in China, Of course, not only is it a single business that provides visas, but we also have related application packages to help applicants who need them to obtain visas better and more smoothly. Click on the following title link to jump to the corresponding content:

  1. Business Visa, Travel Visa Extension

  2. Foreign Degree Verification

  3. Application and Certification of Foreign Non-Criminal Record

  4. Visa Q&A

Business Visa, Travel Visa Extension

China Business Visa M (F visa before September 1, 2013): For those who go to China for commercial trading activities (excluding internships in China), the period of stay shall not exceed 6 months in general. Generally speaking, foreigners who enter Guangzhou on regular business visa M (F visa before September 1, 2013) may renew their business visa once for 1-3 months each time. After one extension, if there is no special reason, the person needs to leave the country and reapply for a new visa before entering the country for a further extension.


Since January 2015, the relevant procedures for the entry of foreigners into the country of short-term work or business practices (Document No. 78) have been officially introduced, A careful distinction is made between the short-term work or business activities that foreigners come to China for less than 90 days, and it is clearly indicated which activities should apply for short-term work visas ( Z visas). Which actions should apply for short-term business visa (M visa). The following are specific (so foreigners should choose the appropriate type of visa when applying for a visa abroad):


The following are short-term assignments (short-term Z visas):

1. Completion of a certain technical, scientific, managerial, supervisory, etc. work by the domestic partners

2. Training in national sports institutions (including trainers, athletes)

3. Shooting of films (including advertisements, documentaries)

4. Fashion show (including car models, shooting of print advertisements, etc.)

5. Engaging in foreign-related commercial performances


The following cases fall under the category of short-term business visas (M visas):

1. Purchase of equipment supporting maintenance, installation, commissioning, dismantling, instruction and training (M visa)

2. Guidance, supervision and inspection (M visa) of the successful project in China

3. Short-term work (M visa) assigned to branch offices, subsidiaries and representative offices in China

4. Participants in sporting events, including athletes, coaches, team doctors, assistants and others (M visa)


Business Visa for Foreigners - List of Material Requirements for M Visa Extension Service Items:

1. Valid passport and original visa (M visa)

2. Original updated provisional registration form

3. Photo and photo acknowledgements

4. Photocopy of the company's business license

5. A copy of the company application with the official seal


Generally speaking, the extension period may not exceed the period of stay for the alien's original visa. For example, if the foreigner originally entered the country with a business visa of only 30 days, the company's registered capital can only be extended for 30 days.If the foreign national's registered capital is larger, the period of stay may not exceed 30 days. If the customer enters the country with a 60-day Trade M visa, he or she is eligible to apply for a 60-day extension.


Chinese Tourist Visa (L visa): For foreigners who go to China for sightseeing, visiting relatives or for other personal affairs. Generally speaking, a foreigner who enters China on a regular tourist visa (L visa) may extend his/her tourist visa for a period not exceeding the length of stay of the alien's original visa and may not increase the number of times of entry. After the extension, an application for an extension may be made only after the departure of the country for re-entry if there are no special reasons.


List of Material Requirements for the Visa Extension Project for Foreigners - L:

1. Valid passport and original visa (L visa)

2. Original updated provisional registration form

3. Photo and photo acknowledgements

Foreign Degree Verification

If you apply for a work permit and a work visa in China as of April 1, 2017, You will be asked to produce your original diploma. If your diploma is issued by a foreign university, you will also be required to provide an additional certificate of your diploma. At present, the relevant departments recognize the certification materials issued by the following institutions:


A: Certification issued by A Chinese consulate or embassy abroad

B: A certificate issued by the embassy or consulate of the country where the degree (education background) is held

C: Certification issued by the Ministry of Education of China


If a foreigner is already in China and doesn't want to fly back to his/her home country to certify her/his foreign degree, WWW.8888VISA.COM suggests that you consider us to provide a qualification service.


Advantages of completing academic accreditation:

1. All certification services will be completed within the territory of China without the need for foreigners to fly back to their home countries

2. One-stop service: including academic translation, degree assessment and accreditation. The final certificate can be used directly for your China work permit application

3. For reasons arising from some foreign educational systems or times, some foreigners do not have a degree (bachelor's degree, master's degree, etc.) on their foreign qualifications. These degrees are an important part of foreigners' application for a work permit in China, and also one of the elements stipulated by the Foreign Experts Bureau. So when you use the Chinese Ministry of Education to certify such certificates, the Chinese Ministry of Education also evaluates and evaluates degrees (bachelor's, master's, doctor's degrees) equivalent to such certificates of higher education. This is a great help for subsequent work visa applications

4. Certification for academic qualifications shall be permanent and valid in China, once and for all


List of material needs for the foreign academic accreditation service:

1. Original alien's passport

2. Original educational certificate of the alien

3. Original academic transcripts of foreigners


SPECIAL NOTE 1: If a foreigner's education is not acquired in the home country (e.g. a British degree obtained by a Singaporean to study in the UK), a passport and a copy of a British Study Visa are also required as supporting documents.


Special Note 2: If the institution is a non-formal school that has not been approved by the Education Department of the foreign country, the accreditation is likely to fail, so ask the foreigner to confirm in advance (false qualifications or non-formal school qualifications not to try).

Application and Certification of Foreign Non-Criminal Record

"Non-criminal record certificate", in China, is a certificate issued by the public security organ to prove that the residents "have no criminal facts", can be used for going out, seeking employment and leaving the country. In foreign countries, there is also a similar "certificate of no criminal record" issued by the relevant local police authority. In the case of foreigners applying for a work visa or permanent residence in China, the Government will require the applicant to provide proof of his/her Non-Criminal Record in English.


How does one qualify as a valid non-criminal record for a domestic visa application? The answer is notarization and embassy certification, no criminal record certificate, in addition to the local official department notarization, but also the Chinese embassy in the local certification before the certification is valid.


Why do I need a certificate of no criminal record?

When foreigners come to China to work and live, they need to obtain a lot of relevant documents and visas in order to stay legally, for example, when they apply for an employment permit or permanent residence permit for foreigners in China, or when they are married in the People's Republic of China, The relevant authorities (such as the Labour Bureau, the Public Security Bureau or the Foreign-Related Marriage Registry) will require the applicant to provide a certificate of no criminal record and be certified by the Chinese Embassy in the locality.


How do I get a certificate of no criminal record and an embassy certification?


There is no proof of criminal record, and in every country, although the applicant department is different, none of them is issued by the local police department. WWW.8888VISA.COM will reorganize a simple and easy-to-understand process for those who come to China to stay or who need it to know about overseas applications and embassy certifications for no criminal record.


1. Application for certificate of no criminal record:

Direct applications are made to relevant local police services such as Canada (Royal Canadian Police RCMP and Canadian Local Police), the United Kingdom (British Police Association Criminal Records Office and British Government Criminal Records Office), and Australia (Australian Federal Police).


2. Notarization and embassy certification of no criminal record:

▪ Notarization of documents at a local law firm or notary office after successful application for a certificate of no criminal record

▪ After the notarization is completed, the certification shall be made at the first level in the relevant department of the local government

▪ Second level certification in the diplomatic service of the country after the first level certification

▪ Only after Level 2 certification can Level 3 certification be conducted at the Chinese Embassy in Beijing

▪ After the third-level certification is completed, the certificate of no criminal record shall be valid, and the applicant may apply for a Chinese work visa or other relevant matters.


3. Remarks:

▪ The above process is a common one, depending on the actual process in different countries

▪ If the purpose of the applicant is to enter China for employment, it is necessary to apply for a work permit, and when conducting notarization of the certificate of no criminal record and the certification of the embassy, it is recommended to apply for the certificate of academic credentials at the same time.As the authentication process is the same, the waste of time and inconvenience caused by the duplicated process can be avoided.


To apply for a work permit in China, an alien must provide a certificate of no criminal record and a certificate of educational background, and the materials must be notarized and certified by an embassy. At present, WWW.8888VISA.COM not only provides work and residence permits in China, but also makes it more difficult for foreign friends who need to come back to China to provide relevant certificates to apply for criminal record certificates and to provide the services of embassy accreditation and academic accreditation, The service scope includes Europe, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia and other multinational regions, to help your foreign friends in China, simplify the procedures, save the time of returning home and reduce the cost of application.

Visa Q&A

There are more than 12 kinds of visas for foreigners coming to China, while the most common ones are Business Visa (M signature) and Work Visa (Z signature). However, each visa has different application conditions and suitable candidates, and each applicant has different questions about the visa, even when the visa application has some unexpected difficulties. To this end, WWW.8888VISA.COM summarizes a number of issues for the applicants to understand the Chinese Visa needs to pay attention to and know the details in advance.


1. What is the employment of foreigners in China?

Answer: According to Article 2 of the Provisions on the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China, the term "foreigner" as mentioned in the said Provisions means a person who does not have Chinese nationality according to the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China; The term "employment of foreigners in China" as mentioned in the Provisions refers to the activities of foreigners who have not acquired the right of permanent residence in China to engage in social labour and obtain remuneration for their labour according to law.


2. What are the requirements for foreigners to be employed in China?

A: Foreigners must meet the following requirements for employment in China: They must be at least 18 years old and have good health; Have the professional skills and corresponding work experience necessary for the performance of his/her work; No criminal record; Having a firm recruitment unit; Possession of a valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of a passport; The position to be taken should be one with special needs, there is a shortage of suitable candidates in the country, and there is no violation of the relevant provisions of the State.


3. Is there any age limit for foreigners to be employed in Shenzhen?

Answer: Must be 18 years old, the age limit is generally not more than 60 years old, but enterprise investor, legal representative, person in charge, enterprise board member, supervisory board member and urgent need high-level management technical personnel can relax the age limit appropriately.


4. Do Chinese citizens who have acquired the right of permanent residence abroad but have not acquired foreign nationality need to apply for a Foreign National Employment Certificate in China for employment?

A: Chinese citizens who have acquired the right of permanent residence abroad but have not acquired foreign nationality are not foreign nationals. Therefore, such persons do not need to apply for the Employment Certificate for Foreigners in China.


5. How long before the expiration date of an employment permit for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao personnel in China can be extended?

A: The Employment Permit for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Personnel in China was officially cancelled on September 1, 2018, and there is no need for any further extension.


6. What information is required for a work permit for foreigners?

Answer: Foreign person's identification, graduation certificate, work certificate, no criminal record and so on.


7. What is the period of validity of an alien's work permit?

Answer: The work permit for foreigners is valid for 1-5 years. Type B is valid for 1 year in general, At the same time, the period of validity of the business license or registration certificate, the period of validity of the government approval document, the period of validity of the labor contract or the letter of assignment, the passport of the applicant for work or other international travel document that can replace the passport shall not be exceeded. It also depends on the actual application.


8. Do aliens need to go to the Immigration Administration when applying for a residence permit?

A: Yes, foreigners and their accompanying family members who have reached the age of 18 (including 18 years) must apply for a residence permit at the China Immigration Administration.


9. What kind of unit can be an employer of foreign workers in China?

Answer: Foreign employers in China can be wholly foreign-funded enterprises, local companies, branch companies, representative offices, etc.


10. What can an alien do and how much should he pay if his visa expires and he stays in the country too long?

A: It depends. Under China's immigration law, foreigners who stay in China for more than 15 days will be fined 500 yuan (up to 10,000 yuan) a day or detained for more than five days and less than 15 days. We recommend that you contact us immediately and that, if dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner, penalties and responsibilities can be avoided. Otherwise, as time goes on, everything will become more difficult to deal with, and even China will refuse to sign it later.


11. If a tourist visa expires, if the foreigner is currently in Guangzhou, and the foreigner has found a job, but the company will apply for a work visa a few days after the expiration of the visa, should the foreigner's travel visa be extended?

A: It is illegal for a foreigner to stay in China after his or her visa expires, and he or she is required to renew his or her visa before he or she is granted a work visa. In Guangzhou, a tourist visa can be extended only once.


12. Can the newly established Guangzhou Company apply for a work permit and a one-year residence permit for foreigners?

Answer: The newly established Guangzhou Company can obtain the work permit after obtaining the business license, but the valid period is usually less than one year. Similarly, residence permits can still be applied for.


13. Do foreigners need to leave China to apply for a Z visa?

A: Yes, foreigners must leave China to apply for a Z visa at a Chinese consulate or embassy in their home country and then return to China to continue applying for a work permit. According to your actual situation, we can provide the corresponding solution. However, if you are the legal representative or investor of a wholly foreign-funded enterprise, or if you are the chief representative of the representative office, you can apply for a work permit directly.


14. What is the period of validity of the alien's health certificate?

A: The alien's health certificate is valid for 6 months. If he does not apply for a work visa or corresponding residence permit within this period, the medical certificate will be invalid.


15. How can a child of a foreigner working in Guangzhou, who is nearly 18 years old, apply for a visa to travel to China?

A: You can apply for an S2 visa, which is a multiple entry visa for family members of foreigners who want to go to China to work or study. S2 visa stays in China for no more than 180 days.


16. What is illegal employment of foreigners?

Answer: The following are cases of illegal employment of foreigners: Failure to obtain a work permit or residence permit; Work in excess of a specified work permit.

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