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Foreigners in China, regardless of work or life, want to integrate into the process, including the premise that the use of Chinese green card. What is China green card? China green card is the abbreviation of the People's Republic of China foreigners permanent residence card, known as the world's most difficult to obtain green card. What is the legal basis for applying for a Chinese green card? If you have any questions, please contact us for WWW.8888VISA.COM. In addition to the Chinese green card, there is a called "talent green card", what is the talent green card, what is the use, how to apply? Please click on the links below to jump to the corresponding content:

  1. Application for Permanent Residence in China

  2. Application for Chinese Talent Green Card

Application for Permanent Residence in China

I believe many foreigners are very interested in applying for Chinese green cards, WWW.8888VISA.COM is also frequently consulted by Chinese foreigners registered in the Guangdong Free Trade Zone: if I am a foreign investor in a company in the Free Trade Zone, I also have an employment certificate for foreigners and pay personal income tax. Then if I want to apply for permanent residence of Chinese, what conditions must be met and what documents can be prepared before I can apply? Here, WWW.8888VISA.COM arranges the conditions for foreigners to apply for China Green Card in China and the required application materials for you.

Holding a "China Green Card" means that foreign cardholders have the right of permanent residence in China and can enjoy the relevant rights, basic public services and facilities on the basis of the "Green Card". At present, China Green Card is divided into four categories: investors, technicians, family reunions and special contributions.

Investor category

For a person who has made direct investment in China, has made steady investment and has a good tax payment record for three consecutive years, the registered capital actually paid by him or her in China shall meet one of the following conditions,

1. The total investment in the encouraged industries in the Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment issued by the State is more than USD 500000.

2. It has invested more than US$ 500000 in the western regions of China and the key counties of the State's poverty alleviation and development work;

3. Its total investment in the central region of China is more than US$ 1 million;

4. Investment in China totalled more than US$ 2 million.


Holding the post of deputy general manager or deputy director or above in China or holding the title of associate professor or associate researcher or above and enjoying the same treatment, If a person who has served in China continuously for at least four years and has accumulated no less than three years and has a good tax record, his unit of employment shall meet one of the following conditions,

1. Organs under the State Council or provincial people's governments;

2. Key institutions of higher learning;

3. Enterprises and public institutions that execute key national projects or major scientific research projects;

4. High-tech enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises in the encouraged category, foreign-funded advanced technology enterprises or enterprises exporting products with foreign investment.

Family Reunification

The spouse, children and relatives of a Chinese citizen or a foreigner who is granted permanent residence in China shall meet the following conditions,

1. Family reunification: a spouse who has been married for at least five years, who has been in China for at least five consecutive years, who has been in China for at least nine months a year and who has a stable livelihood and a stable domicile;

2. Reunification of parents: unmarried children under the age of 18 years who have joined their parents;

3. Family member: He has no immediate family member outside the territory of the People's Republic of China, but has immediate family member in the territory of the People's Republic of China, They shall have reached the age of 60 and have resided in China for five consecutive years, have resided in China for at least nine months each year and have a stable living and residence.

Special Contribution

Personnel with significant and outstanding contributions to China and special needs of the State,

1. Those who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the country's economic development and social progress;

2. World top talent, special skills and celebrities of great value to the country.

Key Application Materials for China Green Card

1. Application Form for Permanent Residence of Foreigners in China;

2. A valid foreign passport or a document capable of serving as a passport;

3. A health certificate issued by a health and quarantine department designated by the Chinese Government or issued by a foreign health institution accredited by a Chinese embassy or consulate;

4. A certificate of no criminal record in any foreign country certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate abroad.

5. Recent full-faced colour photographs;

6. Other relevant materials as prescribed in the Measures for the Administration of Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Aliens in China.

Right of Successful Application for Chinese Green Card

1. Entry and exit: There is no restriction on the length of stay in China, and entry into and exit from China may be made on the strength of a valid passport and the Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners, without the need for additional procedures such as visa application; His spouse and immediate family members may apply for a corresponding visa, residence certificate or Permanent Resident Permit for Foreigners in accordance with the relevant provisions.

2. Work: employment in China without a work visa; Qualified persons may obtain the Foreign Experts Certificate, the Foreign Experts Certificate, the Foreign Talents Residence Certificate and the Foreign Talents Residence Permit, and may legally obtain the Renminbi for foreign direct investment within the territory of China. In the case of foreign-funded projects and the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises in China, the departments of development and reform, commerce, industry and commerce, and foreign exchange shall simplify the approval and examination procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions on the administration of foreign investment, and improve their efficiency, and may participate in the qualification examination for the post of professional and technical post and the qualification examination for professional and technical personnel as required.

3. Life: in the case of children attending school, with the compulsory schooling of the children who have moved to school, provided that, The relevant policies may be enjoyed by the educational administrative department of the place of residence in accordance with the principle of access to the nearest school, and no fees other than those prescribed by the State shall be charged.

To participate in social security, can "foreigners permanent residence card" as valid identity certificate to go through social insurance to participate in insurance formalities. At the same time, holders of "permanent resident identity cards for foreigners" who embody the principle of "national treatment" and who have not taken up employment within the territory of the People's Republic of China may also take part in basic medical care for urban residents and social pension insurance for urban residents in China, and enjoy social insurance benefits.


In accordance with the Regulation on the Administration of Housing Provident Fund, etc., the Housing Provident Fund may be deposited and used at the place of work, When leaving the area, can go through the formalities of drawing or transferring the housing provident fund according to the regulations, that is, the person who holds the foreign permanent residence card enjoys the same treatment as the Chinese citizen in the housing provident fund.


Foreigners who hold "Permanent Resident Identity Cards for Foreigners" enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens in terms of paying income tax, conducting financial business, conducting domestic commercial travel expenses, and applying for motor vehicle driving licenses.

Application for Chinese Talent Green Card

Talent green card is really a green card, but its role is not permanent residence, is the symbol of talent. In the domestic cities have relevant policies for the application of talents from all walks of life. The following is a sample of Guangzhou Talent Green Card to interpret the application for talent green card for you:

Application Requirements for Green Card for Talents

Any resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or Macao Special Administrative Region who meets the requirements of Guangzhou to bring in talents and starts his or her business or works in Guangzhou for more than six months each year shall be a non-resident of Guangzhou Municipality, and a resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Macao Special Administrative Region, Residents of the Taiwan Region and foreigners who hold Chinese passports, permanent (long-term) residence abroad and have no registered permanent residence in China and have legal residence in China, and who meet any of the following conditions, may apply for a green card for talents.

1. High-level and highly skilled personnel identified or verified by the Municipality, including:

   Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering.

  State Council Special Allowance Personnel, National "Thousand People Plan" and "Ten Thousand People Plan" Experts, National Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel, National Candidate of "One Million Talents Project" National, provincial (ministerial) level has outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged experts, national key disciplines and leading academic and technical leaders of key laboratories, "Chinese Skill Award" recipients, national and provincial technology experts, and winners of the World Skill Contest.

   The national and provincial (ministerial) natural science awards, technological invention awards and scientific and technological progress awards are mainly completed, and provincial talents projects such as the Pearl River Human Resources Plan and the Special Support Plan for the Training of High-level Talents in Guangdong Province are selected.

   Those who are major contractors of major annual major projects in this Municipality, or major contractors of strategic leading industrial projects in this Municipality, or headquarters enterprises accredited by this Municipality, are now holding middle and senior management positions or key technical posts.

   Guangzhou outstanding experts, outstanding experts, young reserve talents, Guangzhou "100 People Plan" candidates, Guangzhou industry leaders, as well as other high-level and high-skilled personnel identified or verified by our city.


2. High-level overseas talent with some overseas experience in work, learning and innovative entrepreneurship, including:

  He is an expert and scholar who holds a position equivalent to associate professor or above in a famous foreign university or research institution.

  Well-known international enterprises (or Fortune 500 companies) have been engaged in R&D, management and other work for more than three years and have held middle and senior positions.

  Master the core technology, own intellectual property rights, and the technical achievements have reached the international advanced level or the domestic leading level, has the better market prospect and the industrialization potential of the leading military-type talents.

  Have rich experience in overseas innovation and entrepreneurship, and bring technology, projects and funds to the key industry areas of this city, help to promote the level of development of relevant industries in our city leading military-type talents.


3. Having a professional technical qualification at or above the senior level and with experts with more than 10 years of experience in the relevant field.


4.Persons with a post-graduate degree of "985 Project" or "211 Project" in general higher education with a PhD degree or with a first-class overseas university degree and a master's degree or above in the world's top 300.


5. Having the professional qualification of senior technician, and the type of work (post) he is engaged in is in line with the list of jobs (occupations) in short supply in our city.


6. High-end foreign talents holding foreign expert certificates, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and foreign talents working in the Nansha New Area of Guangzhou, China (GDFTZ) of GDFTZ and who have been accredited by the GDFTZ Management Committee.


7. Employees from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign nationals who earn more than RMB 600000 per year and pay personal income tax of RMB 120000 per year or more in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for employment with ears. The above-mentioned standards shall be adjusted with the change of the per capita wage level in Guangzhou.


8. People who meet the needs of the economic and social development of this city and have been determined by the relevant departments to have some special skills or expertise.

Main Materials of Green Card for Applicants:

1.Educational background, academic degree certificate, vocational qualification certificate, professional technical qualification certificate or relevant high-level personnel certification materials

2. Valid identification

3. Proof of marital status

4.A claimant who has signed an employment contract or a labour contract with an employer shall submit an employment contract or a labour contract

5. Other relevant materials

Right of Successful Application for Green Card for Chinese Talent

1. Foreign nationals may directly apply for an employment permit or a foreign expert's certificate on the strength of a green card for talents, and may also hold a green card and an employment certificate or an expert card for foreigners, By the employer's official letter and other directly to the Municipal Public Security Bureau for 2-5 years long-term residence certificate. Those who do not apply for a residence permit may apply for a green card for talents and an official letter of the employer for renewal of entry valid for not more than 5 years, and the residence period shall not exceed 180 days for a zero-time, one-time, two-time or more R-visa.

2. It may participate in the qualification examination of the professional and technical post of this Municipality, the policy examination of the current professional title category in this Municipality, the vocational skill training and the national vocational qualification appraisal. A qualification certificate issued by this Municipality or province may apply for a skills promotion training subsidy as required.

3. Those who meet the age requirements for the preschool education stage of their children who have emigrated, shall be qualified to run computer places in kindergartens in the district education department where the children actually reside; During the period of compulsory education, the education department in the district where the actual residence is located shall arrange for the students to attend public schools (including the degree purchased by the government in a non-state school) on the basis of the equal treatment of the residents of the city; When taking the entrance examination for high school, students who are registered for the examination shall enjoy the same treatment as those who are registered in the city, and may apply for the examination for the public high school, the private ordinary high school and the secondary vocational school.

4. Applications for ordinary passports, exit passes to and from Hong Kong and Macao, exit passes to and from Taiwan and various endorsements may be made in this Municipality in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this Municipality.

5. The green card for talents may be used as investment identity certificate, and the industrial and commercial business license may be applied for according to law. If the holder is a foreign national, acquires the right of permanent (permanent) residence in a foreign country or is a resident of Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, When setting up an enterprise with investment, it can apply for industrial and commercial business license directly with the green card of talented person, and need not notarize or authenticate its valid identity certificate any more.

6. It is possible to open an account with any bank in the city on the strength of a green card for talents for the purpose of depositing and withdrawing money; The foreign exchange purchase and payment formalities may be handled at the designated foreign exchange bank in accordance with the provisions in the foreign exchange remittance and RMB profits obtained by the start-up enterprise and the lawful RMB income obtained in this Municipality.

7. Non-resident residents of Guangzhou City may enjoy the treatment of residents of Guangzhou City who are registered as permanent residents of Guangzhou Municipality, residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region, residents of Taiwan Region and foreigners, Chinese passport holders, foreign permanent (long-term) right of abode, and the home of non-registered domestic students and other persons can purchase a self-contained house according to the relevant regulations of the State.

8. It may apply for a motor vehicle driving license and go through the procedures for motor vehicle registration in this Municipality. A minibus with a valid motor vehicle driving license without a city registration, The Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality on Issuing the Measures of Guangzhou Municipality for the Administration of the Total Amount of Minibuses in Guangzhou Municipality (No. 201328, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government) may be enjoyed with the treatment of residents with household registration.

9. The holders of the green card shall be subject to territorial administration of the residence of the holders of the green card. The holders of the green card need not go through the formalities of residence registration again, and the functional departments shall follow up the management of services in a timely manner.

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