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Aliens working within the territory of China shall obtain work permits and residence certificates for work-type in accordance with the relevant provisions. No unit or individual may hire an alien who has not obtained a work permit or a residence permit for work-type.


So how can foreigners get a work visa and residence permit if they want to work legally in China? However, there is still a long-term difference between working and residence, and what is the process of applying for a work visa? WWW.8888VISA.COM will tell you one by one, click on the title link, and you can skip to the corresponding content:

  1. Application for General Work Residence Permit

  2. Application for a Short-term Work Permit for a Period of Up to 90 Days

  3. Change or Extension of the Work Residence Permit

  4. Application for Entrepreneurship Residence Permit

Application for General Work Residence Permit

From April 1, 2017, the work permit system for foreigners entering China shall be uniformly implemented throughout the country. According to the new policy, the original "Permit for Entry and Employment of Foreigners" and "Work Permit for Foreign Experts" were consolidated into "Work Permit for Foreigners to Come to China", which was organized and implemented by the State Administration of Foreign Experts.


The new policy will divide foreigners to work in China into three categories. Categories A (Encouragement), B (Foreign Professionals, Control), C (Foreign General, Restriction) shall be classified according to the classification criteria for the entry of foreigners into China for the purpose of classification...".Category A (Encouragement), Category B (Foreign Professionals, Control Category), and Category C (Foreign General Persons, Restriction Category. Applicants must meet at least category C before WWW.8888VISA.COM can apply for a work permit for foreigners in China (a necessary document for legal work in Shanghai). Learn about the classification criteria for categories A, B and C below:

Category A work permit standard: At present, the most common type of Class A talents are high-paying foreigners who meet the following salary standards. Their annual income must be more than RMB 600000, and the annual income tax paid shall be more than RMB 120000


Criteria for work permits of Category B:

1. Foreigners have a bachelor's degree and two years' full-time relevant work experience after bachelor's degree

2. Foreign blue-collar skilled workers (with an internationally recognized vocational skill certificate) with two years of full-time relevant work experience and an average wage income of not less than four times the average annual social wage income in the region

3. Teaching staff in foreign languages. Foreign language teaching staff shall be engaged in the teaching of the language of their mother tongue and shall have a university degree or above and have at least two years' experience in teaching languages. Among them, those who have obtained a bachelor's degree or above in education, language, or teacher training, or have obtained a teacher's certificate in the host country or a certificate of teaching in the language of nationality that meets the requirements.

4. The foreigners' combined assessment exceeds 60 points. The tables of points are as follows:


Annual Salary Paid by Domestic Employing Units (¥10,000)

Maximum of 20 points

45 and above20
Less than 50

Level of education or qualification to obtain vocational skills, etc

Maximum of 20 points

Ph.D., International Certificate in the Highest Level of Vocational Skills,

Advanced technician or equivalen

Master, technician or equivalent15
Bachelor, senior or equivalent10

Relevant years of service

Maximum of 20 points

      More than 2 years, for each additional year, add one pointUp to 20
2 years5
Less than 2 years0

Working times per year

(unit months)

Maximum of 15 points

Annual working 9 months and above15
Less than 30

Chinese proficiency level

Maximum of 15 points

Foreigners who once held Chinese nationality5
BA and above with Chinese as the language of instruction5
Have passed HSK level 5 or above5
Have passed HSK level 44
Have passed HSK level 33
Have passed HSK level 22
Have passed HSK level 11


Maximum of 15 points

More than 600

Graduated from a high-level university outside the country

Global Fortune 500 company experience

and other prescribed conditions

Maximum of  5 points

Graduated from a high-level university outside the country5
Experience in Top 500 Companies in the World5
With intellectual property rights such as patents5
With five or more consecutive years of service in China5

Criteria for a Class C work permit: Foreigners study in China and obtain a bachelor's degree or higher diploma (graduated from any Chinese university and within one year of graduation). The employer company hired has registered addresses in various Chinese cities.


China's economic and social development is in urgent need of scientists, science and technology leaders, international entrepreneurs, and special talents, such as "high-end" foreign high-end talents.

Foreign High-End Talent (Category A) ——

  • •Member of candidates selected for the National Talent Introduction Programme

  • •In accordance with internationally accepted standards for the recognition of professional achievements

  • •Leading scientists and technicians from all countries

  • •Positions in reputable academic institutions

  • •Senior executives of Fortune 500 companies

  • •Senior executives of prominent international financial institutions

  • •Well-known athletes

  • •Senior Executives of Internationally Encouraged Foreign-Funded Enterprises

  • •Salary and annual payments meet requirements

  • •Innovative entrepreneurial talent

  • •Outstanding young talent


It is in line with the catalogue of guidance for foreigners to come to China and the job requirements, and belongs to the foreign professionals urgently needed for the development of China's economic and social undertakings.

Foreign professionals (category B) ——

  • •Bachelor's degree and above

  • •At least 2 years experience

  • •Master's degree or above in higher education institutions in China

  • •Top 100 foreign college graduates

  • •Foreign language teaching staff

  • •Foreign managers in enterprises

  • •Chief Representative and Representative of Representative Office in China of Foreign Enterprises


Foreign personnel who meet the needs of the domestic labour market and meet the requirements of State policy.           

Other foreign personnel (category C) ——

  • •Foreigners employed by the State Council or contracted by the Government

  • •Foreign Youth Who Come to China for Internship by Government Agreement

  • •Expatriates with high-end foreign talent and talent in domestic service

  • •Foreigners in special jobs such as pelagic fishing

  • •Foreigners engaged in seasonal labour

  • •Other foreigners subject to post quotas

The preparatory work for the work permit for foreigners and for the work permit for foreigners:

Step 1: Check to see if the company that hires foreigners has been registered with the new Aliens Work Permit System, and if not, contact WWW.8888VISA.COM immediately.

Step 2: Check to see if foreigners who need to be hired are eligible for a work permit and a work visa for foreigners

List of materials needed for the project of work visa services for foreigners:

1. Original valid foreign passport

2. Original medical certificate

3. Academic qualifications

4. More than 2 years of relevant work experience

5. Certificate of no criminal record issued officially by the State of nationality or the State (region) of permanent residence of the applicant (certification required)

6. Company-related certificates and other information

Foreigner's Work Permit, which is an essential step in the process of legalizing the employment of Foreigner in China and in the recruitment of Foreigner. China Residence Permit, which is generally for employment or employment purposes, and foreigners who are legally working in China must obtain a work Permit for the alien. According to the latest Government regulation of 27 March 2017, foreigners are generally required to obtain a legal residence permit in accordance with the following procedure:

The General Procedure for Foreigners to Apply for Work Visas
Notice of work permit for foreigners
Z Visa for Foreign Employees Entering China Consulate
Medical examination of foreigners after entry
Work permits for foreigners

Residence permit for foreigners

The work permit for foreigners generally contains the following information:

Information on foreigners: English full name, nationality, gender, photograph

Company information: QR code on scan work permits available

Work permit number (only for life), examination and approval authority, valid for a period of time


The work permit for foreigners generally contains the following information:

Information on foreigners: English full name, nationality, sex, photograph

Company information: QR code on scan work permits available

Work permit number (only for life), examination and approval authority, valid for a period of time

Application for a Short-term Work Permit for a Period of Up to 90 Days

Those who come to China for a work permit and stay in China for no more than 90 days are classified as short-term work permits, as well as long-term work visas and business visas. The following are classified as applications for short-term work visas:

An alien who has completed a short-term job assignment upon entry into China for any of the following reasons shall have stayed in China for not more than 90 days:

1.Completing a certain technical, scientific research, management, guidance, etc. with a domestic partner;

2. Training in sports institutions in the country (including trainers, athletes);

3. Film production (including advertisements, documentaries);

4. Fashion shows (including car models, shooting of print advertisements, etc.);

Applications for short-term work visas are not included in the following categories:

1. Purchasing equipment supporting maintenance, installation, commissioning, disassembling, directing and training;

(2) Directing, supervising or inspecting the bid winning project within the territory of China;

(3) Assignment to domestic branch offices, subsidiaries or representative offices for short-term work;

4. Participants in sports events (including athletes, coaches, team doctors, assistants, etc.). However, in accordance with the requirements of international sports organizations and with the approval of the competent authorities of our country, entry into China on the basis of registration cards is allowed, etc.);

5. Volunteers and volunteers who enter the country to engage in unpaid work or are remunerated by an overseas institution, etc.;

List of materials needed for the project of work visa services for foreigners:

1. Original valid foreign passport

2. Original medical certificate

90-day short-term work visa, although the application materials are few and the procedures are relatively simple, there are corresponding restrictions: like a foreigner, it can only be processed twice a year, every six months; Work permit notices are only valid for 30 days.

Change or Extension of the Work Residence Permit

The change of residence permit for foreigners working in China is based on the change of the work condition of foreigners, and the change of the employment permit and residence permit visa is issued. Common changes take the following forms:

1. Change of city of work unit

2. Relocation of work units

3. Changes in business information for work units

4. Change of passport information for foreigners

List of Material Requirements Corresponding to the Work-Residence Permit Change and Extension Service:

1. If the work unit changes, the applicant shall submit valid passport, employment certificate and residence permit for the former alien, separation certificate for the former work unit, business license for the current work unit, and other relevant materials

2. For the change of business information of the work unit, the business license for the completion of the industrial and commercial change and the relevant certificates shall be submitted

3. Change of passport information of the alien, with the submission of a valid and replaced passport, a former alien's employment certificate and a residence permit

The process of the change of the work residence permit is relatively complicated and rigorous, especially the change of the work place, Not only do foreigners have to cancel their original employment permits, but they also need to reapply for a new one in a new job city. Failure to do so in a timely manner will cause inconvenience to the applicants and have a bad record in China.

Application for Entrepreneurship Residence Permit

The Entrepreneurial Residence Permit, a special residence permit, is a residence permit for outstanding foreign students in China for personal affairs, The type of visa is a private affairs residence permit (S signed and marked "Start a Business" ), which facilitates the entry and exit of high-end expatriates, such as foreign students who are willing to start a new business.


WWW.8888VISA.COM, with the understanding and support of the WWW.8888VISA.COM, has launched a project on the establishment of the Business Residence Permit in the Grand Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau (HK-Macao).The policy is implemented throughout the country, For foreign college graduates from Da Wan District, Guangdong Province, recommend policy convenience and relevant visa advisory services.

The application objects and conditions for the foreign students' entrepreneurship and residence services:

1. Foreign students graduating in China

2. In good health

3. Those who have the willingness to innovate and start businesses in Guangdong Province


The services provided by the Start-up Residence Service for Foreign Students are:

1. Medical appointments (excluding medical expenses)

2. Identification of information

3. Online registration information and submission of applications

4. Assisting in the development of business proposals

5. Application for escort

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