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Chang Deyang's son-in-law applies for the First Permanent Residence Permit for China Green Card

2018-10-24 | 阅读:60

James Elroy Edginton's arrival at Wuling Public Security Bureau was the first impression given to the police by a foreign-looking man in a hat and a smile of sunshine on his face. The Hunan Academy of Arts and Sciences, a foreign teacher who loves China and loves Chinese culture, decided on the morning of August 1, 2018 to apply for a permanent residence permit.... Mr. Yeung Leifeng. This is the first permanent residence permit application by the People's Brigade of Wuling Public Security Bureau after the central government reformed the existing permanent residence certificate for foreigners.


Understanding that in 2009 James came up with the idea of working in Hunan Province, Chairman Mao's hometown, so he chose to teach at the Hunan Academy of Arts and Sciences in Changde, Hunan Province. Soon, he became "Changde son-in-law," his wife named Li Xiyu, a former middle school English teacher. After their marriage in August 2012, they gave birth to a lovely son. After nearly 10 years of living in Changde, coupled with the peculiarity of his foreign status, the foreign teacher felt inconvenience in his working life. This time, he made up his mind to apply for a Chinese green card.


Many foreign friends who study, work or visit family members in China share James's problems: travel due to document restrictions, To purchase train tickets, you need to go to the window. When you check in at the hotel, you need to produce various documents including your passport, sign, stamp and so on. The procedure is very complicated and complicated...


Since 16 June 2017, the Ministry of Public Security has promulgated reform measures to issue the 2017 version of the permanent resident identity card for foreigners, while at the same time stopping the issuance of the current permanent residence permit for foreigners.


Embedded non-contact integrated circuit chip, all the information of the holder will be entered, and can be read directly from the second generation ID reader. In other words, the "China Green Card" really realizes the common treatment of Chinese citizens for foreign persons with documents. So what exactly are the benefits of this little card?


According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, The 2017 version of the alien's permanent residence identity card and the current alien's permanent residence permit may be used separately as identity documents for financial, educational, medical, transportation, accommodation, correspondence, work, taxation and social insurance, property registration, litigation, etc. Take this "green card", working in China can also participate in social security and all kinds of medical pension insurance according to law, enjoy the social insurance enjoyed by Chinese citizens! For James, there is no greater convenience than to switch from an annual visa to a ten-year proof of identity, which greatly facilitates his job and life.


With the further development of the facilitation reform of the permanent residence of foreigners, the Wuling Public Security Bureau will continue to push for the implementation of the permanent residence qualification treatment for foreigners, To run every application for permanent residence of foreigners well, and make sure that the conditions are clear, the materials are few, the procedure is simple and the efficiency is high, to attract investment, to attract financial resources for Changde, to drive innovation, to open up and develop, and to attract more high-level talents from abroad.

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