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Shantou Further Strengthens Management of Foreigners Working in Laishan

2018-10-24 | 阅读:68

In order to standardize the management of foreigners working in ShanDong and optimize the good environment for Shantou to gather international talents, Shantou City has issued a circular on further strengthening the management of foreigners working in ShanShan. The notice shall be effective as of September 1, 2018 and shall remain in force until August 31, 2023.


The notice states that the employer undertakes to hire foreign personnel at the rate of six or four times the average wage income of the society, Application for extension or employment of the next group of expatriates (at a interval of more than 3 months) must be supported by proof of payment of the salary for the expatriates deferred or for the expatriates employed in the previous group, If the employer fails to provide the payment certificate or the payment certificate fails to reach the promised multiple, the employer shall be placed on the blacklist and be dealt with as follows: (1) The Alien's Work Permit shall be downgraded. If an employer undertakes to hire A foreigner at the rate of six times the average salary, but provides A certificate of payment of four times less than six times the salary, the number of foreign personnel employed by the employer shall be reduced from group A to group B; If a person commits to hire a foreigner at the rate of 6 or 4 times the average wage income of the society and provides proof of payment of wages less than 4 times the salary or fails to do so, the employment of a foreign national is reduced to category C and is extended only once. (2) Being placed on the blacklist of bad faith and giving punishment. Where an employer's bad credit behavior is listed on the list of bad credit, the employer shall not, within three years from the date on which the bad credit record is recorded, apply for a work permit for foreigners on the basis of the conditions on which the social average wage income is promised.


According to the circular, the regulations on the age of employment for the issuance of work permits for foreigners are as follows: (1) The maximum age of employment is subject to classification. There is no specific restriction on the age of employment of foreign high-end talents who meet category A; The employment age for foreign professionals who meet the age of 60 or above who meet the relevant requirements and meet the relevant requirements may be appropriately relaxed, up to a maximum of 65 years of age, provided that the employment age of foreign professionals in Category B is not more than 60 years of age; Foreign staff in category C are under the age of 60. (2) A one-year extension of the transitional policy. Category B persons over 65 years of age and category C persons over 60 years of age with a valid Foreign Expert Certificate or Alien Employment Certificate prior to the issuance of this Notice, If the employer really needs to do so, the Foreign Expert Certificate or Alien Employment Certificate granted to such person shall be extended for one year after the expiration of the valid period, That is to say, the Work Permit for Foreigners, which has expired for one year, will be granted to the employer so that the employer can hand over the work. On the date of the transition, applications for permission for persons in categories B and C who do not meet the age requirement of the present Notice will no longer be accepted.

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