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Guangzhou Nansha: nonlocal and foreign talent can apply for talent green card and buy from home

2018-10-24 | 阅读:74

Recently, Guangzhou Nansha District announced the Implementation Measures of Guangzhou Nansha New Area (Free Trade Area) on Implementing Guangzhou Talent Green Card Examination Authority (Draft for Soliciting Opinions), announcing that foreign talent can buy their own homes with talent green cards.


According to the document, a person who has worked or started a business in Nansha for more than half a year each year and has legal residence in Guangzhou and meets the relevant conditions can apply for a green card for talents.


According to the documents, domestic personnel with a green card for talent can be treated as citizens and purchased from their homes. In addition, foreign nationals and residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Region and overseas Chinese can purchase a self-contained house according to the relevant regulations of the State.


It is also understood that the current Guangzhou residents purchase purchase restrictions, lending restrictions and other factors. Among them, 2 sets of household residents are required to be limited to residents, 1 set is restricted for single (including divorced) persons in Guangzhou Hukou, and 1 set is restricted for non-Guangzhou residents who have paid 5 years of tax or social insurance in a row.

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