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12 Foreigners granted permanent residence in Haikou

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"The weather in Haikou, the beach and the beach life, and the green environment are very similar to my home state of Florida. It is a great pleasure to teach here." mills, an American man who teaches at a college in Haikou and acquires the right of permanent residence in China, said. Mills is one of 12 foreigners currently granted permanent residency in Haikou. On September 2, the Exit and Entry Management Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau answered the requirements for foreigners to obtain permanent residency in Haikou.


Mills is 59 years old and went to a university in Haikou in 1993 to teach. He said: "My wife and I are both engaged in educational work in Haikou, and this work has enriched our hearts. So far, our annual program to train Chinese English teachers has been very successful, which keeps us busy and satisfied."

Mills thinks that Haikou has changed a great deal in the last few decades, Twenty-five years ago, when he first arrived at Haikou, most of the roads were single-lane or two-lane, and many of the roads are now four-lane, six-lane, and in some cases even eight-lane. At that time, Guoxing Avenue was still the runway of the airport. Now it is one of the busiest roads in Haikou. There is a new airport in Haikou, as well as high-speed trains, wifi, air-conditioned buses and many modern conveniences that were previously unavailable. The beautiful and modern Haikou has many new shopping centers and restaurants from all over the country and all over the world. "I hope Haikou can continue to change and become a model for other Chinese cities to trade and travel." Mills said.

Abbas, a 33 - year - old pakistani man who has been granted permanent residency in china, came to haikou in 2008 and is now 10 years old. Abbas said that Haikou is a beautiful city, the pace of life is not happy, the people are friendly and kind, the life is convenient, there is no the busyness and pressure of the big city. "I like Haikou very much and it was the right decision that I made in my life to settle here." He said...

Abbas was so impressed with Haikou that he thought Haikou had changed so much. Abbas said he came to Haikou in 2008 to live on Eden Island, when there were not many cars on the street, The high-rise buildings are not so much now, the roads are not as wide as they are now, the sea mouth is clean and the life is very convenient, "China is getting stronger. I'm so lucky to get permanent residency here. My family is happy for me. Thank you to Haikou City for giving me this honor, thank you Haikou Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Management Detachment for your help and support in my application for permanent residence. I look forward to Haikou getting better and better and China getting better! "

"With the rapid economic and social development in Haikou, the ecological environment is getting better and more internationalized. More and more foreigners are applying for permanent residence in Haikou." City Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Management Detachment related to the person in charge said.

Four categories of persons may be granted permanent residence

City Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Detachment officials said there are 12 foreigners from the United States, Japan, Pakistan and Malaysia, who have been granted permanent residency in Haikou. Foreigners who acquire the right of permanent residence in China at Haikou must meet one of the four conditions, The Exit-Entry Management Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau shall submit the application to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Provincial Public Security Bureau for examination and approval, and finally submit it to the National Immigration Bureau for approval and issuance.


Investor category. In Haikou direct investment, the investment situation for three consecutive years is stable and the tax pay record is good.


Technical category. He holds the post of Vice President or Vice Director or above in Haikou or has the title of Associate Professor or Associate Researcher or above and enjoys the same treatment, Those who have served continuously for at least four years and have resided in Haikou for at least three years and have a good tax payment record within four years, their working units shall meet one of the following conditions: (1) The institution to which the provincial people's government belongs; Key institutions of higher learning; (2) enterprises and public institutions that execute key national projects or major scientific research projects; (3) Hi-tech enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises in the encouragement category, foreign-funded advanced technology enterprises or foreign-funded products export enterprises.


Special Contribution Class. Personnel with significant and outstanding contributions to Haikou or China and special needs of the country. These include people who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the economic development and social progress of the sea or the country and the world's leading talents, special skilled personnel and prominent personalities of great value to the sea or the country.


Family reunion. The spouse, children and relatives of a Chinese citizen or a foreigner who is granted permanent residence in China shall meet the following conditions: (1) Reunification of parent and child. (a) Unmarried children under the age of 18 years who seek refuge with their parents; (2) conjugal reunion. Spouses who have been in China for at least five years and have resided in China continuously for five years and have resided in China for not less than nine months each year and who have a stable livelihood and domicile; (3) family members. Those who have no immediate family members outside China and who have reached the age of 60 and who have resided in China for five consecutive years, who have resided in China for at least nine months each year and who have a stable livelihood and a stable residence.

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