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Shenzhen Issues First Permanent Residence Card for Overseas Talents in Guangdong Free Trade Zone

2018-10-24 | 阅读:70

Australian Chinese Zhang Wei on the morning of September 4 received the first foreign talent permanent residence ID card in Guangdong FTZ. According to Zhang Wei, before getting this permanent resident identity card, you need to apply for a work visa once a year through the company. Now you have your "identity card", which will make it easier for you to work and leave the country.

Zhang Wei came to Guangdong in 2004 and worked in Shenzhen in 2009, The application was made in August 2016 and the preliminary data took longer to prepare, such as returning to Australia to obtain a certificate of no criminal record. Fortunately, the request for information on the application was clear.


"In the days to come, I am willing to continue to contribute my professional skills and experience to China, to Shenzhen." "With such a good talent policy, there must be more high-end foreign talent coming here and participating in the process of China's development," Mr Zhang said.


Yan Yan, a police officer with the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, told reporters that the validity period of the first certificate for permanent residence of foreign nationals is 10 years, Its effectiveness and function are similar to those of the mainland residents' identity cards. The most convenient thing is that it is no longer required to work with passports when handling banking, transportation and social security business.


A permanent residence permit is an identity document for foreigners residing in China and can be used alone.


Foreigners may handle financial, educational, medical, transportation, communications, employment and social insurance, property registration, litigation, etc. in China with certificates. The period of residence of the holder in China is not restricted and the holder may leave China with his own passport and permanent residence permit.


Permanent resident aliens who work in China may be exempted from the work permit for foreigners and may sit for the technical post-holding qualification and vocational qualification examination as required. To enjoy the same treatment according to law for Chinese citizens in the aspects of buying property, handling financial business, applying for a driver's license, enrolling children in school, travelling and registering transportation and lodging. Those who work within the territory of China shall participate in the corresponding social insurance and deposit and use the provident fund according to law; Those who live in China but do not work, and meet the provisions of overall planning areas, may enjoy social insurance benefits by referring to the basic medical insurance for urban residents and basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents in China. When customs clearance, carry articles for personal use to go through the relevant formalities in accordance with customs regulations.

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