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Disqualification of Private Entry-Exit Intermediaries

2018-10-31 | 阅读:78

On 23 October, the National Migration Administration issued a Notice on Matters concerning the Disqualification of Private Entry-Exit Intermediaries (No. 〔2018〕4 of the State Migration Administration) The Notice on Promoting the Reform of Separation of License and License throughout the Country, issued by the State Council on September 27, has been further implemented. With effect from 10 November 2018, the accreditation of private entry-exit intermediaries (excluding overseas employment) will be cancelled.


Specifically, as of November 10, the entry-exit administrative departments of local public security organs will no longer accept applications for the accreditation of private entry-exit intermediaries (except for overseas employment) The approval and issuance of the Business Permit for Private Entry and Exit Intermediary Institutions (hereinafter referred to as the "Business Permit" ) shall cease, and the Business Permit previously issued shall automatically expire. In addition, the clearing of the reserve funds for private agencies will be completed by 30 November.

WWW.8888VISA.COM said the removal of the accreditation of intermediaries meant a complete liberalization of the migrant intermediation market, which was the general trend. In 2012 and 2016 in Guangdong Province and Pudong, Shanghai, the qualification for intermediaries was cancelled as a pilot, and this time it was extended to the whole country. From the policy point of view, it is an inevitable direction under the background of abolishing the administrative approval reform. The regulation of the immigration intermediary will change from the prior supervision to the subsequent supervision and ex post supervision.

In addition from the immigration intermediary market understanding, in fact, in recent years with the demand for emigration, the intermediary institutions blossom everywhere, good and bad intermingled, although there is the threshold of administrative approval, market competition degree is more sufficient. In March this year, the State established the Immigration Service, which aims to manage visa, residence and immigration matters more effectively.

For the intermediary industry, can foresee, after canceling the administrative approval, there will be a batch of people who are currently working in large companies "come out and go it alone". After all, many people think that being the boss is a lot better than working for others, because of administrative approval and the need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars as a provision, which is an obstacle for individuals. "In the short term there may be a wave of shocks to the industry, and the rest should be shuffled, and those who are really professional will be sifted out by the market."

The phenomenon of separation of certificates and permits means that before the examination and approval of an immigration intermediary is abolished, there is a strange phenomenon. A person who has a licence or is qualified as an immigration intermediary is not very good at running a business. However, some professional operators in the market are suffering from the lack of a licence. Since then, with the advance of marketization, the dividend of regulation will gradually disappear. Recently, some institutions with official backgrounds have also started to look for cooperation, according to a market practitioner.

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