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WWW.8888VISA.COM is exempted from punishment if it violates the Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens and the Regulations on the Implementation of the Regulations on the Entry and Exit of Aliens due to Force Majeure for Foreign Workers. WORK VISA | An alien who is unable to pay a fine may be placed in detention. Penalties for fines and detention set forth in this Chapter, It also applies to persons who are responsible for assisting an alien to enter or leave the country illegally, causing the alien to stay or stay illegally, hiring an alien to seek employment on his own account, or for facilitating the travel of an alien to an area which is not open to aliens without a valid travel document.

Work Permit | for foreigners who refuse to accept a penalty of fine or detention imposed by a public security organ when they are under a Work visa, Within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notice, an appeal may be made through the original adjudicating organ or directly to the public security organ at the next higher level, which shall render a ruling within 15 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. The person who has been punished may also bring a lawsuit directly to the local people's court. The penalties prescribed in this Chapter shall be enforced by the public security organs.


Work Permit | Work visa for foreigners who are exempted from the visa under an agreement between the Government and a foreign government, Those who need to stay in China for more than 30 days shall apply for residence certificates after entering China in accordance with Articles 16 and 17 of the Detailed Rules for Implementation. However, the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply to foreigners, who are covered by article 34 of the Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens, Work Permit | Work Permit for Foreigners. An alien who needs to continue to stay or reside in China after the expiration of his or her visa or residence certificate has expired shall apply for an extension before the expiration of the said period. During the period of residence in China, if an alien is found to have a disease as prescribed in Article 7 (4) of the Detailed Rules, the Chinese health authority may request the public security organ to order the alien to leave the country ahead of time of his or her entry into the country.Article 7 (4) of the Rules provides that the alien shall be granted a Work visa. If there is any change in the items (name, nationality, occupation or identity, work unit, address, passport number, accompanying child, etc.) specified in the alien's residence permit, The holder must go through the registration of alteration with the public security bureau of his place of residence within 10 days. If a person holding a foreign resident permit moves out of the city or county where he or she resides, he or she shall go through the registration formalities with the public security bureau of the place of his or her original residence before the relocation. After arriving at the place of residence, he or she shall go through the registration formalities with the public security bureau at the place of residence within 10 days.

Work Permit | Work visa for foreigners. The law stipulates that the following four conditions should be interviewed at the request of the overseas visa-issuing authority: those who apply for entry and residence; The identity information and the cause of entry need to be further verified; He has a record of being denied entry or being allowed to leave the country within a specified time limit; Other circumstances in which an interview is necessary. Embassies and consulates abroad do not currently require all applicants to be interviewed, but should they be required to cooperate. Work Permit | Work visa for foreigners. Why don't you tell me the reason why you refused the visa? Can I ask the visa officer to state the reasons for the refusal? Work Permit | Work visa for foreigners. A visa is an expression of national sovereignty and an important means of maintaining national security. It is also the common practice of the international community that a State is free to decide whether or not to admit aliens into its territory, based on the principle of sovereignty, or on what terms. To this end, the law provides for six circumstances in which a visa may not be granted, and further provides that "the issuing authority may not give reasons for the non-issuance of a visa".

Work Permit | for foreigners who have been married for five years can apply for permanent residence. By the way, no matter where you live, he goes to the local police station after each entry to open a temporary residence registration. Work Permit | Work visa for foreigners, invitation letter for business visit of foreigners, job invitation letter; The foreign person applies for a new work visa (residence permit), the family member applies for a new work visa (residence permit), the foreigner applies for an employment permit, the employment certificate; Extension of work visa (residence permit) for foreigners and extension of work visa (residence permit) for family members; Work Permit | Work visa for foreigners, Work visa for foreigners (residence Permit), change of employment certificate; The Foreigner's Travel Visa (L) may be extended twice for one month each; The Business Visit Visa for Foreigners (F) may be extended for more than half a year and many times a year. The Foreigner Travel Visa (L) is extended more than half a year. Foreigner Study Visa (X) for Transfer to Business Residence.

Above information WWW.8888VISA.COM for you to introduce the content, Welcome back to the website of WWW.8888VISA.COM, WWW.8888VISA.COM is committed to providing enterprises, foreigners and their families with the most professional and extreme stay in China and visa consulting services. As the most professional visa consulting and solution provider in the Pearl River Delta region, we are able to satisfy any of your residence visa consulting needs.


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